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web hosting concepts
To serve up web pages, a web site requires a hosting computer and server software which runs thereon.  This computer provides storage space for the web site's pages and its software, while the web server software manages the HTTP communication protocols between the server and client software (such as a browser).  Most web hosting services also provide FTP server capabilities, enabling files to be transferred between server and client computers.

virtual hosting computers
This blue and gray illustration depicts server computers that could host multiple web sites, with each web site running on its own virtual server.

Virtual web hosting, sometimes called shared web hosting, is the most common and economical type of hosting plan.  Virtual hosting, the process of running multiple "virtual" servers on a single host computer, enables one computer to host hundreds of independent web sites.  Web sites literally share resources, applications, and an operating system environment with many other web sites on the same server computer.

This type of web hosting is popular among commercial web hosting service providers, who appreciate the manageability and efficiency of virtual web hosting.  Many virtual web hosting applications use virtual DNS resolution, which associates each domain name with its corresponding virtual web server.  Virtual DNS resolution is compatible with both name-based and IP-based virtual hosting techniques.  But there are drawbacks to this type of hosting.  With this hosting configuration, compromises to a single web site can affect the performance and security of other sites on the server.

rack-mounted web hosting computers
This photo depicts a rack-mounted server computer installation.

Another type of virtual web hosting uses VPS or Virtual Private Server technology, in which a web server computer is divided into multiple isolated environments.  Each web site runs in its own environment with its own server software.  As with a dedicated server, each VPS has its own independent operating system with its own web server, mail server, and independent software instances.  VPS offers a greater degree of control than basic virtual hosting, and often features multiple domain name support.

Take some time to visit the providers listed on this site, to learn more about how their services can fit your hosting needs.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Providers

  • BlueHost
    This web hosting company offers VPS hosting with root-level access as well as shared hosting services.
  • Westhost
    This web hosting firm offers virtual private server hosting as well as virtual shared hosting plans.

Virtual Web Hosting Providers

  • Rackspace web hosting
    This well-known Internet services firm offers a broad spectrum of web hosting plans for large and small businesses alike.
  • Little Creek Hosting
    This web hosting provider offers economical multiple domain hosting solutions for professional web developers.
  • Lunar Pages Web Hosting
    Serving a broad spectrum of web site clients, this hosting service provider features affordable web hosting plans.
  • HostRocket.Com
    Offers shared and dedicated web site hosting with a sensible array of features.

Web Hosting Reviews

  • CNET Web Hosting
    Visit this web hosting industry information center to find dedicated and virtual web hosting providers, hosting articles, web hosting awards and hosting news.  Search for specific hosting features, get special hosting offers, and read hosting reviews.

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